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What’s your warranty policy?

Although we are committed to do a quality check and arrange the appropriate packaging for the product, you may have complaints regarding a product.


All BOTM products come with a two-year guarantee, which starts on the day of delivery. As soon as you – or a third party – receive the product you should inspect the product. Any visible damage to and/or qualitative deficiencies of a product or other deficiency in the delivery (e.g., not all products have been delivered) must be reported immediately (at least within 24 hours) by you to your store in writing.

If you would contact third parties for repair, the risk and costs are on you and the warranty will lapse.

Any deficiency must be reported to the store within two months of detection. You must return the product within seven calendar days thereafter. If you have not arranged as such, your rights will lapse.

Hidden deficiencies that manifest after a period of six months from date of delivery shall not be deemed hidden deficiencies. As such you will need to prove that the deficiency existed on the moment of delivery.

You are advised to retain the original packaging used for the products and include the accessories/documentation and proof of purchase or payment.

The warranty is never applicable in case of deficiencies arising as a result of:

  • normal wear and tear
  • accidents, natural disasters, fire
  • negligence, bath faith
  • use of the product inconsistent with the purpose for which it was designed
  • failure to follow the operating instructions or manual
  • modifications or alterations to the product
  • rough usage
  • poor maintenance
  • or any other abnormal or incorrect use after delivery
  • discoloring

You can read our full terms and conditions here.

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