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for happy babies and relaxed parents

Nursing Cocoon

Perfect for breastfeeding anywhere.

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Our Baby on the Move premium nursing cover is made of 100% handpicked Peruvian Pima cotton. The original design with contoured neckline encourages you and your baby to continue breastfeeding comfortably while on the move.

Yummy Bag

Ideal for storing your breast milk,
baby purees and snacks!

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Our Baby on the Move Yummy Bag for breast milk & food storage is made of 100% food grade silicone. The original design and smart size make it perfect to store and carry your tasty treats everywhere without leaks.

Yummy Tray

Perfect for freezing breast mil, baby purees & snacks.

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Our Baby on the Move Yummy Tray is perfect for freezing breast milk, baby purees & snacks. It's made of 100% food grade silicone. The yummy tray can be used to make fluffy cupcakes or to entertain with cloud-shaped ice cubes in your guest's gin & tonic.

Perfect for everyday and on-the-go!

With Baby on the Move, we want to help young families go on big and small adventures. We want to make it easier to eat, sleep and play on-the-go. Whether you are visiting grandparents, going to a restaurant, or enjoying a far-away holiday; our products have been developed with great attention to detail to make your life easier. They are perfect for everyday use in today’s busy lives, and they adapt to your family’s changing needs.

Our products are designed to provide optimal comfort for your little ones and for you as parents. That is why we always aim for the quality we want for our own kids. The details that make our products extra practical are inspired by their real life use by parents and their babies.

We also try to make as many truly sustainable choices as possible. We care about our planet and choosing one of our products can help contribute to its future. We ensure that all people involved in our value chain are treated fairly. This is how we create our fair and eco-friendly products, without compromising on quality, comfort, and design.

Baby on the Move is a Belgian brand. Our products are designed with love and passion in Belgium.

Baby on the Move products help keep parents relaxed and babies happy all the way.