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Are you dreaming of fresh powder, alpine air, and cozy evenings by the fire, together with your little ones? A family ski vacation can be a magical experience for all, even if your bundles of joy haven’t yet mastered the bunny hill. Here’s how to ensure your snowy getaway is enjoyable for the whole family! But before we dive into the tips, don’t forget to download your free copy of our essential ‘Ski trip packing list for families’! It’s your guide to remembering all the must-haves for your adventure.

Preparation is key: Before you hit the slopes, ensure everyone’s prepared. Pack plenty of layers for the kids and don’t forget the essentials like sunscreen and lip balm. When choosing a jacket and helm, go for fluor colors: kids will love it and you will be able to spot your children from far away! Considering the unpredictable nature of little ones and cold weather, extra socks, gloves, and waterproof clothing are must-haves. You can also take with you those reusable chemical hand-warming packages, just so handy!

Choosing appropriate gear: Ski equipment can hit the wallet hard, particularly for the youngest in the family who outgrow their kit quicker than a flurry piles up in a storm. Opting for borrowed or pre-loved ski outfits is a wise move until you’re certain your little skiers are keen to embrace the snow season after season. Most ski spots provide rentals for skis, boots, poles (if already needed) and helmets for kids, often coupled with lessons, offering a convenient package with the concept one-stop-shop solution. Worth the price for the convenience, trust me.

Activities for the little ones: Not all children are ready to ski, and that’s okay. Look for resorts with childcare options or ski schools offering lessons in your mother tongue designed for different age groups. Off-slope activities like sledding, snowman building, and hot chocolate by the lodge fire are just as thrilling. Some organizations also provide entertainment in the evening and early dinner for the little ones so you can enjoy an aperitif in peace yourself. Do you have family who would like to join you and help take care of the little ones too? Bring them with you without a doubt, it will be quality time for them and peace of mind for you to go enjoy the wildest mountains.

Taking breaks: Kids have limited energy and don’t drink coffee 😉, so schedule frequent breaks to rest, hydrate, and warm up and opt for an early bedtime. These pauses are crucial for preventing meltdowns and keeping everyone’s spirits high.

Don’t underestimate how energy-consuming skiing can be, take it easy the first time and you will increase the chances of repeating this kind of vacation next year. Bring snacks with you in the pockets of your jacket with our handy Yummy Bags, once the snacks are gone you can easily roll the Yummy Bag up and it will take no space at all.

Download here our FREE PRINTABLE packing list designed to ensure you bring everything your family needs for a perfect ski getaway!

Once you’re settled for the evening in your accommodation, ensure it’s warm and cozy. It feels lovely after a long day moving in the cold weather to chill and relax in a warm room. Don’t forget to order our new Sweet Dreamz Humidifier. This portable humidifier and nightlight is incredibly handy for easing throat irritation due to drastic temperature changes, and it’s a comforting presence for those middle-of-the-night wake-ups in unfamiliar surroundings 😊. Give it a try!

With thoughtful planning and a dash of patience, your family ski trip can be an unforgettable adventure. Hit the slopes, build a snowman, or simply stare at the beauty of the mountains. These are the moments your family will cherish for years to come.

Lots of love,

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