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This goes out to all the amazing moms out there on this unique journey! Today, January 27th, we celebrate Worldwide Breast Pumping Day. We honor your dedication and want to share some tips to make your pumping experience as smooth and comfortable as possible.

As a mom of three who breastfed and pumped for each child for almost two years, I have plenty of experience to share with you all 😊. So, I’ve gathered my top 4 tips here:

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1. Get to know your body and have patience with it: Every mom’s experience is unique. Take the time to understand your body’s signals and respond to them. Remember, comfort is key, so find a cozy spot and a relaxing routine that feels natural to you. This can take time so please don’t stress, it can take weeks to become a breastfeeding professional. You can prepare yourself by reading books on breastfeeding during pregnancy and asking friends to share their experiences. But also keep in mind that every story and body is different, so every experience will be unique! Even all three of my experiences are different 😉.

2. Seek professional advice: Don’t hesitate to consult with a lactation expert or midwife, even when it’s not your first child. A quick refresher sometimes does wonders and helps to get off to a good start I would also recommend joining breastfeeding support groups and moms groups (definitely don’t forget online groups here!) They offer crucial advice on everything from pump settings to milk storage but also emotional support after just 2 hours of sleep. Navigating through these new experiences as your body changes and you care for a newborn can be challenging. So seeking help in time is important, not only for your little one’s growth but also for yourself… Check out Mamado if you live near Roeselare here in Belgium.

Breastfeeding at Baby on the Move
Yummy Tray from Baby on The Move

3. Portion, store and freeze your milk wisely: Use our Yummy Bag to store and transport your milk safely and conveniently, plastic-free, and leak-proof. If you want to freeze your milk in flexible portions, choose our Yummy Tray. These tools are designed to keep your precious milk safe and organized. With this approach, you can tailor your milk production to your baby’s changing needs, giving you peace of mind. We understand how much these details mean to you and how convenient it can be to have a good system, whether you’re pumping full-time, going back to work or just need some time to yourself during your breastfeeding journey.

4. Pump whenever: For you, moms who are pumping at work, in the car, or anywhere life takes you, our Nursing Cocoon offers privacy and comfort. It’s a discreet and comfortable way to maintain your pumping schedule wherever you are. It takes up a small space in your handbag and it comes with a matching pouch to carry with you other essentials like breast pads or a spare bra in case of leaks.
If, like me, you keep forgetting which breast you last fed or pumped on, make it easy on yourself. Buy our Nursing Clips, they help you remember which side to start on.

To all the incredible moms who pump or breastfeed, whether it takes a few days or years. Please know that your efforts are nothing short of heroic. With every pump and every bottle, you are caring for your child in the most special way. It is a road that requires patience, resilience, and a whole lot of love. You are not just a mom; you are a super mom.

Lots of love, 


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