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As the first day of spring arrives and the sun begins to let us feel its warmth, it’s the perfect time for new moms and their babies to step outside. Walking is a gentle way to regain strength postpartum, and the rhythmic motion can be soothing for your little one. The walking movement is what they felt in the womb, remember? Here we give you 3 good reasons to start doing so:

Sunshine and serotonin: A duo for wellbeing

The sunshine of early spring does more than just guide the flowers to bloom. For mothers and babies, a daily dose of sunlight can significantly boost vitamin D levels, which is essential for healthy bone development in children and mood elevation in adults. Just a few minutes of sunshine can lead to increased serotonin, often referred to as the ‘happy hormone,’ reducing the risk of postpartum depression and improving overall well-being. Don’t underestimate how much we all need this after the grey gloomy wintertime.

Bonding and me time

Walking with your baby allows for a special kind of bonding. While your newborn snuggles close to you in a carrier or stroller, the sensory experience of the outdoors – the whisper of the trees, the chirping of the birds, and the fresh air – contributes to their cognitive development and sensory awareness of their surroundings. For you as you walk, I recommend listening to some music or maybe an audio book or podcast if this helps you relax and take these moments also as “me time”.

A step towards routine

Establishing a walking routine can also carve out precious extra time to enjoy the outdoors for mothers, providing structure in what can be an unpredictable day with a newborn. You might think starting a new routine is a hurdle, but it’s as simple as deciding to step outside. Whether it’s after feeding or between naps. We know though, that homes can be busy hubs where time slips away. So, here’s a gentle reminder: don’t shy away from asking for help. Whether it’s a partner, family member, or a friend, a little assistance can gift you that precious time for a walk. It’s easy to stay cocooned indoors with chores piling up, but a bit of support can open the door to fresh air and new adventures.

So, put on comfortable clothes, lace up your shoes, secure your baby in a cozy blanket, and step into spring with optimism and energy. Spring is the season of new beginnings, enjoy the pleasure of just walking in the sunshine together!

Lots of love, 


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