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In today’s world, plastic pollution has become an ever-growing problem. It is important for us to recognize the impact of plastic on our environment. While plastic may be cheap and convenient, it brings about tragic consequences. It pollutes our land, air, and oceans, devastating marine life. It even finds its way into our bodies. “May Plastic Free” is a global movement that encourages people worldwide to take on the challenge of reducing plastic waste. At Baby on the Move, we want to contribute to this cause. In this blog, we share practical tips and suggestions on how to cut down on plastic use, starting from the moment your baby arrives. Will you join us?

Conscious choices in our daily lives

Did you know that approximately 40% of the plastic we use is classified as single-use? Every year, this amounts to billions of items like bags, bottles, containers, and food packaging. This cycle begins right from the moment your baby is born. For instance, did you realize that your little one will go through around 5,400 disposable diapers before they are potty-trained? Additionally, a breastfeeding mom who freezes pumped breast milk can use as many as 40-60 plastic bags each month.

Recognizing the need for change, Baby on the Move has introduced an innovative solution to tackle this issue head-on. Our Yummy Bags and Yummy Trays offer sustainable, reusable, and plastic-free alternatives to disposable bags. Compared to plastic storage bags, you can recover the cost of a 2-pack of Yummy Bags in just around 2 weeks of pumping. In addition, our versatile products can continue to be used for storing fruit and vegetable purees, snacks, and more, all without the need for plastic.

It all begins with ourselves. By opting for reusable products like bags and bottles instead of disposable plastics, we can make a significant impact in reducing plastic waste. Together, let’s take a step towards a more sustainable future.

What about microplastics?

Microplastics, tiny pieces of plastic smaller than 5 millimeters, are everywhere in our environment. They are found in our oceans, rivers, air and even our food. There is growing evidence that babies also ingest these microplastics through exposure to plastic toys, packaging materials, baby wipes and even drinking milk from plastic bottles. Although the health risks of microplastics to babies are not yet fully known, there is evidence that they can be harmful to immune and nervous system development. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the presence of microplastics and use alternatives, such as glass bottles and durable toys, whenever possible.

For safe plastic-free storage of breast milk, purees and snacks, you can use our Baby on the Move products. Moreover, our products are designed so that you can warm everything directly in our Yummy Bags or even bake cupcakes in our Yummy Trays without exposure to microplastics.

A plastic-free future ?

While plastic is likely here to stay, that doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference. By taking action together, we can go a long way in reducing plastic pollution and fostering a cleaner planet. Are you interested in contributing to this cause? Consider integrating sustainable alternatives into your choices from the very beginning of your child’s life. To assist you on this journey, we have made a selection of our top 10 favorite products for your little one. These options not only minimize waste but also promote a sustainable lifestyle. Get ready to make a positive impact and join the movement towards a more environmentally conscious future!

  1. Yummy Bag
  2. Washable faceand bottom wipes
  3. Washable diapers
  4. Glass baby bottles
  5. Yummy Tray
  6. Reusable water bottle for mom and dad
  7. Pacifiers made of natural rubber
  8. Teething toys made of natural rubber
  9. Cutlery and lunch box in stainless steel or silicone
  10. Reusable straws

I’m the super proud mom of Margot, Kasper and Basile 3 wonderful kids who have made me realize what’s important in life and made me even more passionate! I’m a former language and speech therapist turned goldsmith turned entrepreneur. I grew up in Belgium, discovered my love for traveling during an internship in Suriname, and ended up becoming a mom in South Africa. I was lucky to find my soulmate in Mikael, who supports my dreams and challenges me to make some bold moves. I manage Baby on the Move on a full-time basis, develop our strategy and design our products.

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