Premium Nursing Cover

Sustainable Pima cotton

Light, breathable and soft

Quiet, intimate cocoon

Distraction-free feeding

Breastfeed anywhere

Highly durable

“How beautiful is this?! It is very pleasant to feed in public places with the Baby on the Move Nursing Cover. Didn’t regret it for a second. My daughter was able to drink calmly and away from stimuli.”


Yummy Bag

eco-friendly storage bag for breast milk, baby purees, snacks and meals

Endlessly reusable




Easy to clean

230 ml / 8 fl oz

“I pump and freeze several servings of breast milk each week. Because my freezer filled up too quickly with the storage containers, I switched to storage bags. The Yummy Bags are not only reusable but also super convenient!”


Yummy Tray

ideal for freezing breast milk, baby purees and creative snacks and can even be used to bake fluffy cupcakes in the oven!

Shapes fit any baby bottle

Cubes easily pop out

100% food-grade, BPA-free silicone

Anti-spill lid

Dishwasher, microwave & ovensafe

9 portions of 30ml

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