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How to make a good choice for your next family adventure (2 free PDF included)

Embarking on a family adventure is more than just packing bags and booking flights; it’s a journey in itself that will help you create lasting memories for you and your little ones. In this blog post, we’ll explore the crucial aspects of making good choices for your next family escapade so that no stress can dampen your spirits.

Before you dive headfirst into your family’s next adventure, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between planning and preparations. While these terms are often used interchangeably, they represent two distinct phases in the process of creating an unforgettable family experience. Let us explain why:


  1. Budget: Outline and discuss the financial aspects of the trip. Setting a budget and saving for it in advance takes time.
  2. Destination and duration: Decide where you’re going and how long you’ll stay.
  3. Research: Explore age-appropriate activities and attractions at the chosen destination.
  4. Logistics: Research and book flights, accommodations, and transportation. If you’re traveling by car, ensure it is thoroughly checked before embarking on long journeys with the whole family. Safety first!
  5. Communication: Ensure that everyone’s voice is heard in the decision-making process; a family is a team!


Now that we’ve set the stage, it’s time to create a timeline for our family trip preparations that’s as enjoyable as the trip itself! We’ll allocate specific time each week for each family member to get involved in ways that suit their interests and abilities. Working together as a family can be a joyful and bonding experience. Here’s a step-by-step preparation checklist to ensure your adventure goes off without a hitch:

1. Travel documentation and medications

  • Purchase plane tickets for all legs of the trip.
  • Check passports for validity and update them if necessary.
  • Ensure you have insurance cards and save important numbers in case you need assistance of any kind.
  • Research visa requirements and obtain them.
  • Determine if any vaccinations are needed.
  • Ensure necessary medications are in stock, not expired, and ordered in advance.

2. Logistics and travel gear: 

  • Laundry time! Prepare appropriate clothing for the season and activities for the whole family. If needed, go shopping or ask for hand-me-downs from family.
  • If you have pets, consider whether to take them with you or find someone to properly care for them while you’re away. They are a part of the family as well!
  • If you are breastfeeding, check out our Nursing Cocoon. Feed your baby in a relaxed, private environment without distractions. It’s a lifesaver during flights with really little ones.
  • Consider other travel essentials like snacks, simple meals, refillable water bottles, and entertainment.

Preview of the Packing List (it is 3 pages!)

3. Family involvement and fun:

  • Involve the kids in the preparation process. For example, let them choose their clothes, fold them, or simply check things off the packing list.
  • Make preparations fun by treating them as an exciting project. Put on some music and dance while packing! Kids love it 😊.
  • Delegate age-appropriate tasks to each family member, such as choosing and washing clothes, folding, cleaning shoes, and packing their own toiletries.

4. Additional considerations for a smoother trip:

  • Diapers and potty training: If applicable, consider potty training for young children before you leave. But don’t force it; this is just a handy reminder that it could help.
  • Involvement of kids: Encourage children to participate in packing their belongings. Assign responsibilities based on age to instill a sense of ownership.
  • Make it fun: Infuse laughter and joy into the preparation process. Treat it as an enjoyable project rather than a daunting task. The adventure starts at home with dreams and expectations 😊. Set the right tone with your example so the whole family can join!
  • If something doesn’t go according to plan: No stress! Download our free Adventure Bingo Chart and go on a simple nature walk with the little ones. It’s like a game for them and a breeze for you all. Remember, vacations are not always picture-perfect, and your kids are always watching how you deal with things.

Preview of our Adventure Bingo printable

Here at Baby on the Move, we want to help you and your family embark on big & small adventures because we believe that making memories together is what life is all about. So, 😊 knowing your kids are watching and learning from you how to deal with things… Go pack your bags, create unforgettable moments, and let the journey begin!


I’m the super proud mom of Margot, Kasper and Basile 3 wonderful kids who have made me realize what’s important in life and made me even more passionate! I’m a former language and speech therapist turned goldsmith turned entrepreneur. I grew up in Belgium, discovered my love for traveling during an internship in Suriname, and ended up becoming a mom in South Africa. I was lucky to find my soulmate in Mikael, who supports my dreams and challenges me to make some bold moves. I manage Baby on the Move on a full-time basis, develop our strategy and design our products.

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  • It’s great that you talked about planning a family trip and involving our kids in the process. My wife and I want to take our kids on a vacation trip in a few months, but we’re worried about booking flights and accommodations in a foreign place. That’s why we’ll look for a travel agency that books everything for our family’s needs, and we’ll remember to use your packing tips too.

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