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The Nursing Cocoon has made my life much easier! I don't have to arrange my social life according to my baby's feeding schedule anymore.


Thank you for this great product! The Yummy Bag makes it so much easier to go anywhere with my son! Always bringing snacks with me!


The Nursing Cocoon is a great idea to breastfeed on the go!


It is very pleasant to feed in public places with the Baby on the Move nursing cover. I have not regretted it for a second. My daughter can drink in peace, away from stimuli.


I pump a few portions of breast milk each week and freeze them. Because my freezer filled up too quickly with the storage containers. I switched to storage bags. The Yummy Bags are not only reusable, but super practical!


The Yummy Tray is super handy. I always know exactly how much breast milk I have frozen, as all my portions are exactly 30 ml thanks to the lovely little clouds. The clouds come out easily. And they also stay cold for a long time on the go due to the size of the cloud.


The Nursing Clip is so simple, yet it's my favorite breastfeeding accessory! I no longer need to write down which breast I fed with last.

Our solutions for your journey

Nursing Cocoon

Breastfeed anywhere in comfort

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Our Baby on the Move premium nursing cover is made of 100% handpicked Peruvian Pima cotton. The original design with contoured neckline encourages you and your baby to continue breastfeeding comfortably while on the move.

Yummy Bag

Store breast milk and snacks sustainably

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Our Baby on the Move Yummy Bag for breast milk & food storage is made of 100% food grade silicone. The original design and smart size make it perfect to store and carry your tasty treats everywhere without leaks.

Yummy Tray

Freeze breast milk conveniently

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Our Baby on the Move Yummy Tray is perfect for freezing breast milk, baby purees & snacks. It's made of 100% food grade silicone. The yummy tray can be used to make fluffy cupcakes or to entertain with cloud-shaped ice cubes in your guest's gin & tonic.

Sweet Dreamz Humidifier

Create comfortable moments everywhere, everytime…

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Our Baby on the Move Sweet Dreamz Humidifier is a compact portable wonder! It combines the many benefits of a humidifier with the soothing glow of a soft night light. Collapsible for effortless portability, it’s perfect for use at home, at sleepovers or during family adventures.


In our design choices, we always choose the quality we want for our own little ones.


We care about our planet and we make sure our products contribute to the future of it.


Our products provide optimal comfort for our little ones as well as their parents.

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