"We wanted to maintain our adventurous lifestyle with our kids”

Hello, I’m Sarah.

Together with my husband Mikael, I have 2 beautiful kids: Margot and Kasper.

We’ve always had an active lifestyle as a couple. We love traveling, exploring new countries and are always in for a nice afternoon out with friends or family.

In this spirit, we decided to take a leap and move from Belgium to South Africa in 2013. We wanted to feel what it was like to live abroad, expose ourselves to new influences and meet new people. While it was hard initially, we love how this experience has enriched the way we see the world.

We were thrilled to welcome our kids into our lives; and determined to share our passion for exploring with them. We didn’t just need this for ourselves, we also wanted to expose our little ones to new experiences and show them how beautiful the world can be.

On an overnight flight between South Africa and Belgium to go visit our families, 6-month old Margot finally fell asleep in my arms after a long struggle. Bright lights, noise and an unfamiliar airline cot had left her tired and overstimulated up until that point. So, while she was fast asleep and I barely dared to move, my husband and I started joking about founding a company to help other parents like us get out and about with their kids. There had to be ways to make some aspects of being on the move with kids more comfortable and practical. What started as a joke on a plane, soon became serious as we took the leap to found Baby on the Move. With Baby on the Move we want to develop innovative products to help parents be more comfortable while maintaining an active lifestyle with their kids.

We’re also developing a supportive community of like-minded parents. We’d like to hear about your experiences, your challenges and your tips and your tricks. We’d even love to hear about your crazy ideas for products that would tackle a specific “on the move” challenge! So please get in touch via our website or drop us a message on Instagram or Facebook!

Lots of love,


Sarah de jonghe, Baby on the move

About Sarah

I’m 30 years old. I’m the super proud mom of Margot and Kasper, 2 wonderful kids who have made me realize what’s important in life and made me even more passionate!

I’m a former language and speech therapist turned goldsmith turned entrepreneur. I grew up in Belgium, discovered my love for traveling during an internship in Suriname, and ended up becoming a mom in South Africa. I was lucky to find my soulmate in Mikael, who supports my dreams and challenges me to make some bold moves.

I manage Baby on the Move on a full-time basis, develop our strategy and design our products.

About Mikael

I’m 34 and I’m at least as proud of our 2 kids as Sarah! I’m a seasoned management consultant and I’ve lived and worked across Europe and Africa. I was lucky to find the love of my life in Sarah, who shows me what I otherwise might not see.

I support Baby on the Move’s operations, financials and analytics.

Next up on our travel list: Rediscover Europe and explore Asia!

What keeps us busy on a day-to-day basis? Our 2 kids of course… and managing this Baby on the Move thing!
Our favorite weekend pastime: A superchilled pyjama morning, followed by brisk nature walk and a nice restaurant lunch with family, friends or just the four of us.