Keeping your kids happy on the go also means keeping them well fed. Giving them something to munch on is the best distraction ever!

Providing a well-timed snack to Margot or Kasper has helped us cover many quiet kilometers during our travels. But there are some dangers to this form of occupational therapy. Everywhere you go, you will easily find unhealthy temptations like candy, biscuits, ice cream, …  And while there could of course be many occasions for a treat, it’s also easy to pack your own healthy snacks without too much effort!

Many choices! But choose wisely

Raspberries might be your kid’s favorite; they aren’t loved by washing machines. To make your life easier, your best bet is to choose non-juicy, non-staining foods.

Chocolate, for example, is a no-go, not just because too much of it wouldn’t be healthy, you might also end up finding your kid (and car or stroller) full of it!

yummy snacks for kids to take on the go, baby on the move
Chocolate cookies or sandwiches with Nutella are not the best choice for a snack on the go….

Here are some of our favorite snacks to take on the go:

  • Fruits
    • Grapes (cut them in half for small kids)
    • Apple wedges or whole apple
    • Banana
    • Clementines
    • Blueberries
    • Pomegranate (non-spill container)
    • Raisins (non-spill container)
yummy snacks for kids to take on the go
One of our favorite snacks to take on the go
  • Vegetables
    • Cucumber sticks
    • Carrot sticks
    • Pepper sticks (red pepper might stain)
    • Celery sticks
    • Corn (non-spill container)
  • Hearty options:
    • Hardboiled egg
    • Cheese wedges
    • Dry cereals
    • Crackers
    • Tortilla roll ups
    • Cooked pasta (penne, farfalle,..)
    • Rice waffles
    • Bread sticks
    • Dips (humus, guacamole or cream cheese)

Keep it practical and fun

Take water in non-spill drinking bottles to avoid wet clothes and car seats. Pack your snacks in our leakproof Yummy Bags that your kids can hold and open by themselves. You will see the pride in their eyes if they are able to help themselves. Let them even help you while you prepare them by letting them fill the container!

If you have small food items, use a non-spill container with a perforated lid so they can safely grab their favorite snack without letting the rest of the container spill all over.

What’s your favorite snack on the go? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook.

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