The Baby on the Move nursing cover is made of 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Highly durable
  • Light and breathable

The contoured neckline creates a snug, peaceful cocoon for your little one

  • Eye contact and intimacy
  • Good air circulation
  • See if baby is properly latched on

The cover’s adjustable neck strap and fit-all shape ensure maximum wearing comfort for moms

  • Keeps cover firmly in place
  • Ensures privacy for moms
  • Comfortable adjustment in height and width

Our nursing cover can of course also be used as a private environment for expressing milk, or for bottle feeding babies who are otherwise easily distracted.

pima cotton

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products. This is why we source our fabrics only from certified real Pima cotton producers in Peru.

Our fabrics are produced in a socially responsible way and we can proudly claim the WRAP certificate.

For happy babies and relaxed parents

bellemaman, leonie lagaune, mommyblogger
“My son Aloys and I love this nursing cover. He used to get distracted while breastfeeding but with the cover he’s way more relaxed and is drinking much better. We used it a lot in summer. Because of the super light fabric, both Aloys and myself didn’t get hot using it. Plus, there’s good air circulation because the cover is open at the top.”
Leonie Lagaune,
lynn van holsbeke, lyvaho, baby on the move, nursing cover
“I’ve now been using the Baby on the Move nursing cover for a few weeks. My baby is 8 months old, and all I can say is… I wish I would have had this sooner! It’s fantastic, a must-have for any breastfeeding mom. The 2 biggest advantages are that the cover is held over the mom’s neck with a strap, and that you can see your baby through the opening at the top. It allows you to keep the intimacy of the moment. I used to try drape a muslin cover over my baby and over my shoulder, but this got too hot, and she would pull it down. But it was also hard to feed without a cover, because she’s so easily distracted. Now we are relaxed and confident to breastfeed in public. Amazing. The cover also doesn’t take a lot of space, so I can easily put it in my handbag. We cannot go without the cover anymore.
Lynn Van Holsbeke, @lyvaho
Nuria Gilizintinova
I use this fantastic nursing cover to breastfeed my youngest one. Not because I’m ashamed of it (on the contrary!) or because I want to cover up but because I want to give him a safe feeling so he can drink calmly without being distracted. The nursing cover was designed for this purpose by a mom for other moms and especially their babies.”
Nuria Gilizintinova, @nuria_glztnva
anke buckinx, joe fm, borstvoedingsdoek, baby on the move
“I sometimes found it a bit difficult to breastfeed in public with my 4-year-old daughter Lou. There always had to be someone to support me mentally and practically. Thanks to the handy breastfeeding cover, I really breastfeed my baby boy Max everywhere. I have already nursed on almost every bench and terrace in the city center of Hasselt. Pros? Your hands remain free, discretion is ensured and a  special bow system through which the baby can breathe and I can see him drinking. That the designs are also hip and clean, is a bonus. Feeding outdoors like this feels so comfortable and familiar. In the meantime, my early mum friends are also completely convinced of the breastfeeding cover.”
Anke Buckinx, @abuckinx, DJ

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